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Vacating Guide

Breaking Your Lease

Should you, the tenant, request to terminate your lease agreement early you must notify Ray White Forest Lake in writing as soon as possible. This will then be forwarded onto the owner for approval.

You will be responsible for paying the following fees when terminating your lease early:

  • Letting Fee (One weeks rent + GST)
  • Advertising Fees – $148
  • Rental payments up until the day before a new tenancy commences

Should you wish to end your tenancy upon completion of your lease term, you may do so by providing a completed Form 13 (notice of intention to leave)  to Ray White Forest Lake, giving 14 days Notice prior to the End Date of your Tenancy Agreement. You will then receive a vacate information pack from you Property Manager.

Please refer to your Tenancy Agreement for full details regarding your  vacate responsibilities you must ensure are completed.

ALL KEYS (including any copies made) are to be returned to Ray White Forest Lake to finalise your vacate. You are responsible for rental payments up until a new applicant takes over your lease. Your property manager  will keep in touch with you regarding the approval of a new tenant and the finalisation of your lease.

A vacate inspection will be conducted upon the finalisation of your tenancy. Providing the property has been left in satisfactory condition, all outstanding monies paid and owner approval,  your bond will then be refunded to you promptly, less any deductions discussed.

Ensuring a Hassle Free Vacate

As you would expect to enter a new property with a high cleaning standard, we too expect the property to be left with that same high standard, obviously taking into consideration the entry condition report.

At the time of vacating you will be required to complete an Exit Condition Report that will be compared with the entry condition report. Our office will provide this to you in due course.

More often than not tenants are required to return to the property after vacating to attend to outstanding cleaning items. This inconvenience wastes valuable time for both Ray White Forest Lake and the tenant, and unnecessarily delays them receiving their bond refund, and/or the owner may wish to charge rent per day that the property has not been vacated in by the end of lease date.

We strongly suggest employing professional cleaners who can complete the work, that would normally take days, in just hours. So those extra days spent on rent to clean could go towards a cleaner; saving tenants both time and energy that could be put into getting settled at their new home!

Please take a look at the following guides which will ensure you a stress free move, and a full bond refund.

Form 13- Notice of Intention To Leave – Please click below to complete the form