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Property Management Lease with Ray White Forest Lake

Why Choose Us – Welcome to Ray White Forest Lake Property Management

We make a clear commitment to our clients: we will deliver the high-quality services that we promise…

Because we have clearly outlined our services and obligations in writing, both parties have a clear picture of the expectations and standards to be met.

We also communicate regularly with our owners, ensuring that any minor matters can be resolved quickly and collaboratively.

We survey both our property owners and our tenants to continually improve on the high level of service we already offer.

As a locally owned and operated business, our reputation means everything and we will work tirelessly to maintain our commitment to high-quality customer service.

24 Reasons WHY YOU should choose a professional property manager

1. Manage your property: Reduce paperwork, freeing up your time and maximising your return.

2. Market your property in the most effective media. We advertise your rental property using: signs, the internet, newspaper, advertisements, digital window display.

Saves you time as you don’t need to monitor enquiries. Gives you access to the best quality tenants in the marketplace. Our marketing expertise helps reduce vacancies and gets you the maximum rent.

3. Show your property to prospective tenants through private or open for inspection appointments: Saving you valuable time and the stress of dealing with a variety of unknown people

4. Evaluate tenancy applications: Using our expertise and experience of evaluating people we provide you with high quality tenants. To reduce the risk even further, multiple background checks are done through our investigation channels You avoid the awkward situation of having to say ‘no’ to unsuccessful applicants.

5. Prepare the In-going Property Condition Report: Providing a level of accuracy required for potential future use.

6. Photograph the property in detail: Providing you with a thorough indication of the homes condition. Giving you valuable information to protect your asset from unreasonable wear and tear.

7. Prepare an inventory (if required) at the property: Protecting your chattels against accidental or intentional loss or damage.

8. Prepare tenancy documentation: Our negotiating with the tenant means you can be ‘hands off’, accuracy of documentation protects you in the future.

9. Sign-up the tenancy documentation and collect the initial monies: Ensuring money due to be paid is paid, protecting you financially

10. Collect the rents and any other monies payable by the tenant: Following the legal process as promptly and accurately as possible stops a bad situation from ‘ballooning’ out of control.

11. Representation on behalf of the landlord:

Remove the stress – courts are intimidating, we provide expertise to represent your best interests. Defending a case takes hours to prepare, which you won’t need to worry about.

12. Review rent levels regularly: Increasing rent gradually over time so you get the best return on your investment, every $10 per week increase earns you around $500 per year. Avoid direct negotiation with the tenant.

13. Calculate the potential sale value of the property as required: This can provide accurate information to your insurer. You can monitor the growth in your investment. Allow you to consider purchasing more properties using equity in the current property. Provides you with important market information.

14. Carry out periodic maintenance inspections: Advising you on timely repairs, spotting hazards and maintenance can protect you from large bills.

15. Arrange repairs and maintenance: Negotiated rates with contractors mean savings for you. We can deal with multiple quotes saving you time and money.

16. Pay property outgoings: We can pay bills for you, ensuring no late fees or charges.

17. Advise on specialist landlord insurance options. Our good advice can protect you against loss of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

18. Prepare and lodge insurance where necessary: A well worded claim can help ensure success for you.

19. Conduct outgoing inspections: Avoid issues or disagreements with tenants.

20. Process the tenants rental bond: By correctly processing bonds, we help you maximise return and comply with tenancy law.

21. Account to the landlord with regular financial reports: Give you the ability to provide accurate books. You can see all income and outgoings clearly.

22. Communicate with the landlords and tenants on property related issues: Property managers have their expertise available to you..

23. Resolve conflict with tenants: Avoid any unpleasant direct conflict with tenants giving you a degree of removal from the situation, reducing your stress levels.

24. Expertise in law: Helping you to avoid legal pitfalls that could end up in court. We are up-to-date with legislative changes which could catch you out.

Phew … as you can see, a property manager needs a wide variety of skills, knowledge and personal qualities to operate in this demanding industry.
These duties are performed on a regular basis for a competitive fee.
If you’re considering leasing your property, we want to help you.

Call Ray White Forest Lake now on 3879 6777 or email:

*** You can also view our ‘Star Rating’ Google Reviews online. Our team are very proud of the professional service that we provide to our clients.

The core elements of our business are ‘The 6P’s’ – Passion. Pride. Perseverance. Preparation. Professionalism. Performance.

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