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Wine cellars: storage solutions

By Alanna Ngo

Australians have an ever-growing love affair with wine so it’s no surprise they search for innovative ways to house their precious blends at home. Lucy Hargreaves, director of Spiral Cellars, notes the marked increase in wine appreciation is partly due to our homegrown flavours receiving international acclaim.

Wine enthusiasts who are “in the know” with their drops have sizeable collections growing under their roofs and this, combined with the increasing trend of homeowners extending their dwellings, raises the need for stylish wine storage solutions.

“By considering the inclusion of wine storage, the savvy homeowner will also see a return on their investment as it gives the property a unique edge and increases the value of the home when it comes to selling,” adds Lucy. The kitchen has become the heart of the home. It’s an area for eating, entertaining and relaxing and features traditional inclusions such as appliances and cabinetry to aid food preparation and the informal dining space. It’s only natural, then, that wine storage is making its way into this zone of the house as it complements the cooking and socialising aspect of the space. When it comes to storage design, the wine space follows interior trends. “You’ll see standout creations, with clean lines popular at the moment,” says Lucy. “Other trends, such as LED lighting and leather features, can be spotted in Spiral Cellar designs, too.”

The increasing popularity of this home addition can also be attributed to a growing awareness of finding simpler ways to get the most out of a space. “There is a real air of nostalgia at the moment where clients are utilising the earth’s attributes to keep their electrical bills down. Inclusions such as the humble pantry cupboard and the tried-and-tested cellar are ways they achieve this,” says Lucy. “The trend will only continue to grow and evolve and will combine technological developments with features that are more connected to the earth.”


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