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Before the champagne bottles popped and the fireworks lit up the sky you probably had a conversation about your New Year’s resolutions. They might be lofty goals for 2020, from getting shredded abs, to growing your savings account and everything in between.

But what you probably didn’t talk about was your property goals. The roof over your head is even more important than your stomach muscles – so why not take a moment to consider what you want to achieve property-wise over the coming year?


Owning property is still the dream of countless Australians and New Zealanders, so if you’ve been thinking about buying your first home, the turn of the decade may just be the perfect time to make your move.

Some signs you might be ready to take the leap include: your debts are shrinking or gone, you have a steady job that you enjoy, you have savings and an emergency fund, and you plan on sticking around for a while.

If your current living arrangement isn’t right for you, now could be the best time to buy a home. Speak to local real estate agents and mortgage brokers to get started, and to make sure your decision is the right one.


Your home should always suit you, making life easier. That’s why when circumstances start to change your home should change with them, whether you’re welcoming a tiny new family member or entering retirement.

If you’re about to enter a new stage of your life, pre-empt it by changing your home first. It’s better to do so before the change comes around, rather than try and buy a home and take care of a little one (or sort your retirement) at the same time.

To get started figuring out what you need from your new abode, get in touch with a local real estate agent that you trust.


Home renovation is practically an Australian pastime. There’s a good reason why – renovating can greatly increase the value of your property or make it better to live in.

If you are going to make changes keep in mind that, generally, updating bathrooms and kitchens tends to add the most value, while adding maintenance-heavy features like pools could actually scare buyers away.

Whatever changes you make always consider what prospective buyers will think if you do eventually decide to sell, as the right renovations could add attract more buyers and a higher sale price.


There’s a very good reason why so many of us own property – if you’re smart it’s a brilliant way to secure your financial future.

In 2020 why not take control of your future and buy your first investment property? If you already own property, speaking to a mortgage broker to refinance and using your existing equity to purchase an investment could be easy and straightforward.

This could be a simple process, and with any luck, you could be collecting rental income and eyeing up capital gains within the year.


Your mortgage should be a tool that you use to improve your financial position and be comfortable in a home that you love. But unfortunately mortgages are a source of severe stress for many households.

It needn’t be this way. With smart, tailored advice from a professional mortgage broker, you can restructure and refinance your mortgage so that it works for you – not the other way around. That means you may be able to pay yours down quicker, lose the monthly repayment stress and even reduce your interest payments.

Whatever your property goals are this year, make sure you get the best advice and assistance possible from professionals that you can trust. And good luck achieving your property goals in 2020!


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