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Lawn care checklist

Give your lawn a bit of TLC this Spring with our easy lawn maintenance tips.

Let it breathe
After three months of the winter blues a lawn can be in need of a wee bit of TLC to bring it back to picture-perfect. In most cases, that just means an hour or two of work and changing your mowing habits.

Regular foot traffic or driving cars over grass, compacts the soil beneath. This makes it harder for water, nutrients and air to filter down to the roots, leading to thin stunted growth or dead patches.

The simple way to solve compaction is through aeration or coring. For smaller areas, push a garden fork into the soil at 5cm intervals and rock it back and forth. For a larger lawn, hire a spiked lawn aerator or powered coring machine.

Once complete, you can rake in a coarse washed river sand or fine top-dressing mix to fill the holes created. Alternatively, do nothing and let the holes fill in over time.

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