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How to storm proof your home in 4 easy steps

Australia is known for its harsh weather. Our summers are scorching and our winters are chilly, and the storms can be destructive. With the cold weather upon us, it’s time to start checking that our homes are up to the challenge of withstanding wind, water, rain and hail throughout the colder months.

Sydneysiders have faced an onslaught of severe thunderstorms and heavy rains in recent months, and tradies have been busily coming to the rescue of homeowners to repair damage caused by extreme  weather. Hipages data has shown that roof repair jobs in New South Wales have increased by 445 per cent off the back of storms in early 2019, while  guttering related jobs rose by 400 per cent.

According to Stuart Tucker, Hipages Chief Customer Officer, when storms hit, the most common parts of the home damaged are roofs, garages, doors and windows with things like rotting timber, flying debris, falling trees and gutter failure being the key culprits

To minimise the damage to your home during storms and extreme weather, and to avoid costly repairs, Stuart recommends the following.

1. Protect windows and doors

“A common issue during storms is damage to glass windows and doors, allowing  strong winds to enter the home and stir wind tunnels which can cause walls and roofs to fail. Strengthen your windows and doors by using shutters, awnings or insect resistant screens. When installing garage doors, ensure that you choose those that are adequately wind and debris rated.”


2. Ensure your roof is in good condition

“The roof is one of the weakest points during a storm as it bears the brunt of bad weather, so it is essential to make sure it’s in tip top shape. Make sure you have your roof checked regularly – they can identify whether your roof is securely attached to the structure framing and install wind resistant material. After all, loose tiles in high winds have the potential to be a dangerous hazard.”

3. Secure home additions and furnishings

While additions like porches, patios, carports and outdoor furniture liven up your home, they can become a liability in a storm, so consider hiring a builder that knows how to adequately attach them to the home securely so that they don’t rip off and cause severe amounts of damage in extreme weather. The same applies for any trees and plants around your property.”


4. Storm-proof your guttering

“Guttering and roofing eaves can take a beating during stormy weather. Make sure that your guttering installer uses screws instead of nails during installation. It is also essential to keep your guttering and downpipes as clear as possible, as blockages from water, debris and leaves will overflow into your roof. Eventually, the water will rot the timber and can cause an electrical fault. Make sure to have a professional gutter repair service clean and check your guttering at least once a year before the storm season.”

If you ever find yourself in need of urgent work done around your home, hipages offers ‘emergency’ jobs for homeowners. Just select ‘emergency’ when you search for a tradie and you will be connected to local available tradies within minutes.


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