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How to keep your home snake free

Information compiled by the Australian Venom Research Unit and published in Toxicon Journal says there were 35 deaths from snake bites in Australia between 2000 and 2016.

Most of those were caused by Brown Snakes.

It’s unlikely you want to be one of those statistics, so how can you keep snakes away and do snake repellers really work?

Let’s take a look.

How to deter snakes

Snakes detect sound through vibration – it’s how they locate prey and is also how they detect hazards and risks. If the vibration is loud enough they’ll perceive it as a threat and stay away. It’s this premise that most solar and battery powered snake repellants are based on.

By emitting ultrasonic vibrations into the ground, snake repellants send a message to the reptile that there’s a threat nearby – which keeps them at bay.


Sureguard Snake Repellant uses ultrasound and emits vibrations up to 20 metres to keep snakes at bay. It works well according to customer reviews.

One reviewer says; “We had spied a red belly black around our garden a few times, but when he decided to join us on our deck for happy hour it was the last straw. Installed four around the house perimeter and so far (only about 4 weeks) we haven’t seen him again. They are a little loud, but we are getting used to it and small price to pay if they will keep the snakes away.”

Another reviewer says; “I ordered the Repellers in desperation after seeing two brown snakes near my back door within a week.. With a kennel of show dogs it was important that I get protection fast. Delivery took a bit longer than I would have liked, and the order arrived without one of the components ordered, however I have not seen a snake since. and that’s the most important aspect for the safety of my dogs. Thank you.”


Sentinel Q

The Sentinel Q snake repellant works on the same principle as Sureguard – by emitting vibrations that scare snakes away.

By sending out vibrations that mimic a herd of cows, Sentinel Q will keep your property snake-free.

But how many units will you need? According to Oakent, who manufacture Sentinel Q:

  • A normal house block requires two units on in the front and one in the back. Use four in higher risk areas.
  • For medium to large sized gardens 4-6 units will give good results.
  • For larger properties space the units at 40 metre intervals around your boundary. As a general rule 8 units should give excellent coverage on an acre section.

Raidar Snake Defence MP Plus

Another vibrational snake deterrent is Raidar which emits a variety of sounds and vibrations every 50 seconds.

What’s great about Raidar is the vibrations change every 2 days making this a popular snake repellant in Australia. Being portable, you can also take it camping.

Natural snake repellant

A homemade solution to deterring snakes is to use a spray made with essential oils.

Emu Ridge have created a blend containing tea tree oil and lavender that they say keeps snakes away.

To use it you simply, “spray it along property boundaries, pathways, rock walls, or around the house, sheds, garages, aviaries” says their website.

“Snakes do not like open spaces and will most likely be found along fence lines, at back doors and around house and shed foundations.”

Emu Ridge claim their recipe is safe to use if you have pets.


Where to buy snake repellant

You can buy electronic snake repellants at Bunnings and Mitre 10. Websites such as Kogan also stock reptile deterrents.


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