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Feng shui 101

 Positive energy

The art of feng shui is based on the Taoist belief that energy has different forms and that by following a few simple principles, it’s possible to encourage positive energy. By implementing a few small changes, you can easily create a more harmonious, happier-feeling room.

Simple and serene

To get started, the very first thing you need to do is clear your rooms of clutter. Holding on to lots of unnecessary items will leave your home looking crowded and interrupt the flow of a beautifully designed room. Search for unobtrusive storage solutions for the things you love and consider selling or binning any of those items you really don’t need to hold on to.

Encourage light

Ensuring you have a good light source is an important tenet of feng shui, because light represents energy. Make the most of any natural daylight you have, paint dull corners yellow to represent sunlight, use mirrors wisely and work to create lighter, brighter rooms.

Avoid obstacles

It’s tempting to invest in a swathe of cute occasional tables or floor pieces, but if they are badly placed, they could be working against the flow of your rooms. Ideally, you want there to be a clear and easy pathway throughout your whole home, with no obstacles tripping you up or blocking positive energy.

Get green fingers

Introducing plants into your home is great for boosting your connection with nature and is perfect for improving your feng shui – but only if you look after them. Dead or dying plants represent very negative energy and should be removed as quickly as possible.

Bedroom placement

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? It could be the placement of your bed. A bed that is directly in line with the doorway is called the death position. Move the bed into a position where you can see the door but your feet do not point towards it: you will sleep much more soundly.

Give your rooms a feng shui makeover and get ready to relax in a more harmonious and balanced space.

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