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Energy Efficient Living

While renters don’t necessarily get to choose the kind of kitchen appliances, lighting and layout of the homes they rent they can still make choices that can help reduce their energy bills considerably.

When viewing homes to rent with Ray White Forest Lake we can also keep an eye out for certain characteristics of a home that will contribute to energy efficiency too.

Cooling and heating

Let’s start with the simple stuff. When it is cold or hot, don’t be so quick to turn on the air conditioner if the home has one.

Begin first with either closing all windows and curtains to contain warmth or opening more windows and doors to allow a better airflow to cool the home down.

Another way to keep heat out is to make use of any curtains and blinds to keep the sun from coming in through windows and doors.

Opening windows and doors on the opposite sides of the home will allow for greater airflow.

If your rental has ceiling fans, use these first. Some fans even have a warm setting where the direction of the fan creates a warm airflow instead of cooling.

Ceiling fans cost far less to run than air conditioners. If you do need to run the air conditioner, close doors and block off places where the cooling or heating will escape.

Efficient lights and appliances

Granted, your cooktop and stove will already be in the home and you have no choice over the energy ratings of these. However, your washing machine and fridge are your choice.

Where possible, choose the best ratings for water and electrical usage; avoid dryers if you can as these appliances use a lot of electricity.

Energy efficient light bulbs are fantastic. They last longer, cost less and you can get them for just about every light fitting around. Don’t wait for bulbs to blow, replace them as soon as possible to start saving.

Increase shade

Shade and plants outside windows and doors can help to block the hot sun and cold winds. If the home doesn’t have shade, consider putting up a shade sail if you have permission from the owner.

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