Coronavirus SMS scam warning

By Alanna Ngo

While the public grapples with health concerns around coronavirus, Scamwatch has raised the alarm about a new text scam doing the rounds that isn’t doing anything to help.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch has published a tweet warning Australians not to click on links in suspicious texts that claim to be from the Australian government.

The screenshot accompanying the warning shows a text message, reportedly from “GOV” that says: “You’ve received a new message regarding the COVID-19 safetyline symptoms and when to get tested in your geographical area” and is accompanied by a link.

According to Scamwatch, the scam text “tries to trick you into installing software that will steal your banking credentials”.

If you do receive this text message, don’t click on the link.

Instead, report the SMS to the ACCC and Scamwatch team here.


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