Cannon Latitude Fireplaces: a blend of luxury and efficiency

By Alanna Ngo

Luxury and efficiency are embodied in these stylish Cannon Latitude fireplaces

Cannon has had a proud history of manufacturing quality gas heaters for almost 15 years in Geelong, Victoria. With its products designed and made for the Australian climate, Cannon focuses on continually improving design and function to better meet the needs of people who appreciate efficient and effective gas log fires.

The recent launch of the Cannon Latitude 1000 and 1500 gas log heaters has revolutionised the market with their contemporary and innovative designs. Offering a wide range of product benefits and installation options, these gas log heaters are a popular choice for homeowners, property developers and interior designers.

Enjoy the freshness of a Cannon gas log heater with powerful flue technology that draws its fresh intake from outside for combustion and vents back out via the exhaust outlet. Say hello to a cleaner and safer heater! Reusable air filters ensure the air you’re breathing is dust-free for a comfortable space.

It’s hard to walk past one of these heaters with a gorgeous floating plinth design that elevates the fire bed, creating a cosy atmosphere and showcasing the comforting visual appeal of an authentic fireplace. Minimal frame dimensions and double-glazed windows provide the ultimate viewing experience so you can focus on the flames. A wide viewing window, slim fascia and reflective firebox panel capture the essence of luxurious comfort it will bring into your home. The Cannon Latitude 1000 has a number of accessories and fascia finishes to complete your fireplace appearance.

The perfect blend of beautiful aesthetic and economical operation, the Cannon Latitude 1000 is a 4.4 energy star rated heater, with 82 per cent thermal efficiency, while the 1500 boasts a 5-star energy rating equalling 86 per cent efficiency. Despite this incredibly effective operation, the Cannon Latitude maximises the authentic appearance of the flames and utilises a multi-port burner for a natural pattern that spans the width of the firebox chamber. Make your home a place of comfort and beauty with Cannon.
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