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A Melbourne home with a rock-climbing wall

Monkey bars, a reading nook, leather flooring, a conversation pit, and a rock-climbing wall were just a few of the cool features on this homeowner’s wish-list.

Remember when you were little and dreamt of having a kick-ass home that resembled something of a jungle gym?

Well, you may have grown up settling for a dishwasher and fireplace, but this young couple never quite let that dream wish-list go.

Now, they’re the proud owners of a quirky apartment in Melbourne’s CBD, which aside from being aesthetically stunning, also boasts a bunch of cool elements, some of which include a sunken conversation pit, hidden nooks, monkey bars and an actual rock-climbing wall.

Fun! Bonnie’s kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms

The architecturally designed digs make the most of natural light. Picture: Tatjana Plitt

De.arch Architects responded to the quirky brief, and were only too excited to make this young family’s dream home a reality.

Of course, they were presented with the same difficulties many apartment dwellers face in renovations: a lack of space, storage, natural light and building issues.

A bronze splashback reflects the natural light in the space, illuminating the kitchen. Picture: Tatjana Plitt

To make use of loft-style windows that overlooked city laneways, the firm created a floor plan that repositioned the spaces for living and entertaining to the outer edges of the apartment.

Their challenge then lied in brightening up those internal spaces, and they achieved this through the use of colour, reflective materials and creative wall dividers.

Our favourite example of this is seen with the bronzed mirror kitchen splashback. Although the semi-transparent polycarbonate panels in place of a wall between the kitchen and kids’ nook is nothing short of genius.

The room divider is far from your average brick wall. Picture: Tatjana Plitt

But the pièce de résistance in the entire space has to be the integrated plywood rock-climbing wall, which runs the full length of the hallway.

It’s a truly unique and daring feature that was implemented specifically for the clients – a couple and their young daughter – and not simply for the benefit of resale.

Endless entertainment! Picture: Tatjana Plitt

The firm found this playfulness and willingness of the clients inspiring. “The apartment fit-out is probably one of our projects that has been the most authentic representation of the client,” says architects from the firm.

“We often find when starting projects that some clients are very aware of what will influence the resale value in the design and therefore shy aware a little from dictating what they really what in the design that’s just for them.

“It’s our job to tease it out, and sometimes we come across clients who aren’t afraid to make sure the space is uniquely theirs.”


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