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6 secrets to creating an escape inside your tiny home

It can be difficult to relax at home when everything is everywhere. Washing piling up, dishes littering the sink and benches, things piled at the bottom of your stairs or at the front door, waiting to be distributed elsewhere.

With recent reports finding that two-thirds of Australians still aim to own their own home, people are choosing location over the size of their home, so our homes are shrinking and our living space is compromised. Without setting aside time and an inviting area to escape to, relaxation and enjoyment of the spaces you’ve created may seem out of reach. IKEA Interior Design Leader Christine Gough gave us some tips on how to find some “me time” in your home – no matter how small it is.


1. Declutter and organise your many things

Closed storage will keep your small haven organised and seamless. Keep what you love and repurpose or donate the things that no longer work in your small space.

2. Make it personal

Everyone is on the hunt for that one little item that says ‘this is my home’. This can be as simple as finally hanging your favourite artwork, growing herbs at home, buying a bunch of your favourite flowers on the weekend. These may be little indulgences but they go a long way to create a sense of positivity in the home.


3. Add indoor plants

Another great tip is to ‘bring the outside in’ and grow plants at home. They can be used to create a living screen near windows for added privacy and, if you don’t have much floor space, hanging planters can be used to add some green life to a small room. Tending to a garden or pots and planters on your balcony is a great way to bring you back to nature and reconnect you. In addition to creating peace within the home, there are so many benefits for ‘bringing the outside in’. Green tones can connect or pull together your space and help bring calmness into your home. Beyond aesthetics, plants can help to reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being.


4. Make it modular

Use multifunctional furniture as they can easily be moved out of the way to create room for the activities that suit your life and make you happy.

5. Include reading lights

From visiting homes around Australia, we understand that many families are frustrated by how lighting can affect mental presence within the bedroom. A great tip is to include softer textiles that can allow the light to come in while still maintaining your privacy.


6. Rearrange to find more space

Changing an area of the home by giving it new purpose, the right light or chair added to an otherwise unused corner, will allow for activities like reading, browsing the internet or gazing out the window. A slice of me time increases the feeling of presence within the home.


If your space-starved, messy home if choking your ability to relax, here’s help – by Diana Moore

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